Do you have any idea about Halloween this year? Witches, mummies or mask costumes? Well, look no further. Forget the witches, mummies and mask costumes. The kitty cat costume is never go out of fashion. It suits any age people, because the types of it are in rich. Sexy kitty cat costume, cute kitty cat costume, and so on.

This is a timeless costume and can be suited for all ages. For the younger girls, you can easily get rid of the sex appeal that the kitty cat costume can have. Use toned down make up (or none at all). Use black tennis shoes instead of something with a heel.
For the adults out there, you can increase the steamy factor and have a naughty kitty cat Halloween costume. A low-cut leotard, sheer nylons and high heels will surely make a great impression. Add some smoky eye shadow to complete your look. For those worried about duplication – don’t! If someone else is a cat too, it just means you both have great taste.

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