Pregnancy does not mean that you should stay at home and shouldn’t go out for some special occasions. You also can go out and have a relaxion. So the key is the clothe. A suitable dress is needed. If you are under 30, you maybe don’t recall the days when maternity clothes are meat to hide a pregnancy, not to show off a woman’s belly. Now, it is easy to buy maternity dresses for special occasions.

Remember that your belly will continue to grow, and you’ll probably go up a bra size or two. Think ahead so you won’t buy a dress that’s too small. If it’s your first pregnancy, ask friends with children for advice. You can ask your obstetrician, too. Count how many months along you’ll be, and he or she can give you an idea of how much your belly will show. If you’re really uncertain, buy the dress close to the date. Or, choose a dress that’s a little large and plan to visit a tailor a couple of weeks before the event. (This works best for simple styles. Re-sizing a complex outfit is expensive and may not work well.)
If you shop online, maternity dresses are cheaper than reality stores. On online website stores, there are many discount maternity dresses and cheap maternity dresses which are usually in good styles and quality.

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